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Welcome to Regency Point Townhomes. You will find it to be a clean, well-maintained and beautiful community and your cooperation in keeping it so, will be appreciated. Below is a brief summary of some of the Rules and Regulations adopted to insure and enhance the quality of life for all Regency Point Townhome residents. Regency Point Townhomes is a Deed Restricted community.
  1. Architectural Control: To protect each homeowner’s rights and property values, the Declarations of Regency Point require all exterior improvements to be approved by the Architectural Control Committee prior to the start of the work on the planned improvements. To obtain approval, a form must be submitted to the Committee at the Association mailing address. PLEASE SEE THE FOLLOWING PAGE FOR A COPY OF THE REQUEST FOR HOME IMPROVEMENT APPROVAL FORM. Approval is required for any exterior maintenance work, dock improvement, exterior modification, or any interior modification that potentially affects the structural integrity of the townhouse. “No building, fence, wall, structure, or other improvement shall be commenced, erected, or maintained upon the Properties, or any Unit or Lot thereof, nor shall any exterior additions to, or change or alteration of, be made, nor shall any landscaping of any Unit be undertaken, unless the plans and specifications showing the nature, kind, shape, construction style, height, materials, and location of the same shall have been submitted by an Owner to and approved in writing by the Committee.
  2. Swimming Pool: The pool located in Regency Point is for owners and their guests only. Residents should accompany all guests while in the pool. Swimming times and numbers of guests are limited by posted signs. Glass containers and pets should not be brought into the pool area. Children under 12 must have adult supervision.
  3. Keys: The key to the pool/pool restrooms/tennis court, and boat ramp can be picked up at the Management office.
  4. Gate Code: When moving into Regency Point, notify Stanley & Payne Property Executives of your home phone number. You number will be programmed into the gate so our guests can notify you upon arrival. For the safety of the Community, the gate code is periodically changed. Remote gate openers may be purchased from Overhead Door in Conroe 936-756-0100.
  5. Insurance: Regency Point Townhome Association provides insurance coverage for the buildings and common areas of Regency Point. This coverage however does not cover personal items inside each owner’s unit. Each owner is also liable for injury that may occur inside his/her unit and damage that may occur to adjacent units from neglect or omission. Each unit owner is recommended to carry an insurance policy B form with an endorsement to insure proper protection.
  6. Boats and Trailers: Temporary parking is allowed only in the designated area. All others will be removed at the owner’s expense. “Vehicles - No part if the Subdivision, including, but not limited to, areas designed for the parking, shall be used for the parking and/or storage, temporary or otherwise, of any type of motor vehicle, or any recreational vehicle or boat or camper or trailer, unless such area is expressly designated as a storage facility by the Association or the Declarant uses said area or storage facility for vehicles related to the sales or the construction of units. No recreational vehicle, boat, camper, or trailer may be parked or stored in any driveway, parking area or Common Area situated on the Properties for a period longer then seven (7) days without approval from the Association. No inoperable or broken-down boats or vehicles, including vehicles being “repaired”, shall remain in the Subdivision for longer than forty-eight (48) hours, and if such vehicles remain past the specified time limit, the Association shall be permitted to tow away such boat or vehicle(s) at the owner’s expense. The Association may charge fees on a monthly or annual basis to store any vehicle in the Subdivision.
  7. Individual Boat Slips: Individual boat slips must be clearly marked with the owners Unit #. The annual permit fee will be invoiced to owners from the Association.
  8. Mooring Policy: The docking of boats at any Common Area Bulkhead is intended for temporary use by Owners and their Guests. “Common Area Bulkhead” includes all areas not dedicated to private slips. Owners and Guests shall have Temporary Docking privileges only, limited to 72 hours per use. In no case may a boat be kept at the Bulkhead for more than 72 hours. Boats exceeding the time limit at the Bulkhead will be towed at the Owner’s expense. Boat Mooring positions are on a “First Come, First Served” basis only, and are not to be considered as “Reserved” at any time. Leaving fenders/buoys unattended is prohibited. Any that are left will be subject to removal.
  9. Pets: Pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Pet owners are responsible for damages. Two (2) pets per unit maxim.
  10. Trash Service: All garbage must be placed inside the dumpster. Items left outside the dumpster will not be picked up. Trash pick-up is currently Tuesday’s & Friday’s.
  11. Finable Offenses
    • Loud and noxious behavior after 10:00PM.
    • Deliberate destruction of personal or public property.
    • Littering.
    • Dogs not on leashes.
    • Taking glass containers into the swimming pool area.
    • Having more than three occupant vehicles parked on public property at one time.
  12. Fine Policy
    • Warning Letter
    • First Violation $25.00
    • Second Violation $50.00
    • Subsequent Violations $100.00

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